Deep South Tour:  Industrial Obsession
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We were amazed at seeing so much heavy industry--much more than we're used to seeing on road trips in the west. After a while we started taking pictures of industrial sites. So... we know it's a little odd, but we hope you enjoy our photo tour of the Industrial South!
Holly Beach, LA Waiting in line for the ferry we enjoyed this view:
Refinery-Type Thing

The River Road
New Orleans to
Baton Rouge
Driving along the Mississippi River there are lots of industrial sites, like this refinery:

And this refinery:
Refinery Redux

And another one! We must be crazy, but we actually thought this was interesting:
Ahem... Refinery

This one looks like some kind of agricultural storage or processing center. We're not exactly sure, but they definitely deliver stuff in yellow trucks!
Food Plant?

Mobile Bay, AL On the ferry from Fort Gaines to Fort Morgan we caught this action:
Oil Rig With Oil-Burning Tug Boat

Vicksburg, MS You probably can't tell from this picture, but this stretch of the Mississippi is one of those classic Corps of Engineers boondoggles with the meanders of the river cut off for a shipping canal that also links the Yazoo River into mother Mississippi:
Industrial Vicksburg

Memphis, TN I wonder what they dump in the mighty Mississippi?

We don't have much industry in the Western US, or not so much as you see in the south. I think it all comes down to comparative advantage. We have a comparative advantage in high tech, and they have a comparative advantage in putting up with noxious effluents:
Is This Where Polyester Comes From?

Birmingham, AL These pictures also appear in the main photo journal, but they're so cool they deserve to be repeated. The site is the Sloss Furnaces, which for years was one of the largest employers in Birmingham, supplying pig iron for making steel. The remaining structures are very cool to look at, and I'm sure would make great material for a serious photographer. (At the official Sloss Furnaces Web site you can even download a screen saver of photographs. You also get great results with a search for Sloss images at Google.)

Here's a rusty old earth mover with spare scoopers:
Doesn't This Remind You Of Some Children's Story?

Here's another shot of the scooper:
Which Children's Story Is It? Hmmm...

The water tower:

That's The Furnace

We strolled all over the grounds:
By The Tracks

Chris At Sloss

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