Chris and Matt's Deep South Tour 2002
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Preliminary Stuff * Introduction
* Note to Dial-Up Users

Travel Journal * Texas to New Orleans
* Big Easy to Baton Rouge
* Baton Rouge to Biloxi
* Mobile Bay
* Montgomery & Selma
* Vicksburg
* Mississippi Delta
* Memphis & Shiloh
* Birmingham
* Lynchburg & Nashville

Bonus Features * Industrial Obsession
* A Southern Princess (coming soon)


This is the story of Chris and Matt's road trip through the Deep South: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee. We'd been all over the country, with the exception of the Deep South. We decided we were missing out: great food, great music, rich history. So we did some reading and came up with a huge list of things we wanted to see and do. From May 29th to June 13th we hit the road. We covered 4,000 miles to collect these pictures for you, so we hope you enjoy them!

Note to Dial-Up Users

We just want to warn you that the pictures are pretty big. On a 28.8 connection each page may take a couple of minutes to load. But we think it's worth it since that means the pages have big, high quality photos. If you find this too annoying e-mail Matt. He can either post a small-photo version or mail you a CD (with even bigger pictures!).

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