Princess Leia, Pez Dispenser
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The Story of Princess Leia, Pez Dispenser
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It was a joyous day in September, 1999. My cousin Bob and his beloved Julie had brought us all together on the occasion of their wedding in beautiful Omaha, Nebraska. At their reception we were shocked to see a stranger sitting at our table. Why, it was none other than Her Plastic Highness, Princess Leia, Pez Dispenser.

It's true--she showed up stag at my cousin's wedding! Her boldness paid off as she quickly rounded up a new retinue. We introduced her to the entire family. We helped her establish communications with local religious and political leaders (those would be the minister and my cousin Steve, member of the Ventura administration). We helped her enjoy all of our "quaint" Earthly wedding traditions--wedding cake, dancing, drinking, signing the guest book, even a little basketball!

Since then Leia has become a regular fellow traveler. She joined Bob and Julie on their honeymoon to Banff. She followed me to Stanford, where I invited her along on trips to Yosemite, Viet Nam, Thailand, Peru, and Mexico. Then in the fall of 2001 she went to Paris (for another wedding), and then she insisted on personally cheering on cousin Cyndi as she ran a marathon in Hawaii to raise money to fight Leukemia.

What's up next for our favorite portable plastic royal person? Rumor has it she's contemplated a trip all the way across the Pacific. It wasn't my idea--someone told her that they still have an Emperor over there. I think she means business this time. She's packing her little plastic light-saber. And some extra Pez. Wish her luck!

You can just scroll down, or click on one of these links to learn about a particular visit: Omaha, Banff, California, Paris, Hawaii, Japan (NEW!!).

This was Her Plastic Highness's coming out party.

Chris and Cyndi welcome Ms. Dispenser to the party.

Cousin Bob and newly-minted cousin Julie enjoy royal felicitations.

Her Plastic Highness formally greets cousin Debra's husband, Steve, an official representative of the Minnesota sector of Earth's government.

Unca Don and Aunt Sharry introduce the Princess to Earth's senior religious leader (at the reception). The Princess liked him, but she said she'd stick with the Force.

Her Royal Plastic Highness inducted all of the cousins into the Rebel Alliance.

Paul introduces Ms. Dispenser to uncle Frank. She liked Frank, but he told me she was "pretty ignorant for someone so stuck-up."

Matt takes her to meet Aunt Eunice.

The Princess insisted on signing the guestbook...

...and she was great with the kids!

Dude! She brought Pez!

Her Plastic Highness insisted on ordering a drink. We weren't sure that was a good idea... she's pretty small.

Then she got a little tipsy and wandered off on her own. Without her escort, she found it hard to get any attention... she ended up hanging out with the band.

Then the dancing started, and Ms. Dispenser joined right in!

Chris would never let a (single) lady dance alone.

As the night wore on, Her Plastic Highness scarfed down more than her share of cake...

...and she kept drinking other people's champagne!

You probably saw it coming... Ms. Dispenser ended up causing quite a scene.

After we all went home, she kept on partying! (She claims not to remember who dunked her.)

And that's how the night came to an end. Her Plastic Highness called us all a bunch of party wimps, and charged us to make it up to her by entering into an indefinite period of servitude as royal escorts. How could we say no? All I can say so far is that "indefinite" is a long time.

And she went on the honeymoon, too! If you're going to have a third wheel, she might as well be quiet, plastic and portable.

Her Plastic Highness says Bob's a better mount than a Ton-Ton. And he knows how to find all the pretty spots!

The Princess tried to make up by helping out with the cooking, but her taste in food is a little... on the sweet side.

Northern California! Cousin Cyndi and Her Plastic Highness take in a breathtaking view of the Northern California coastline.

Paris! My brother pictured here holding the door for Princess Leia during her recent visit to Le Bon Marche in Paris.

Hawaii! The princess enjoys a fab view of Waikiki as she recovers from helping cousin Cyndi run that marathon.


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Her Pez-Dispensing Majesty also went to Japan. HRPH at Himeji-jo castle in the quarters of another Princess from a bygone era. We can only wonder what she's thinking...

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