The Other Matthew Battles
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UPDATE. Matthew Battles is a librarian at Harvard's Widener library. He has written two books:

Library: An Unquiet History

Widener: Biography of a Library

In the summer of 2000 I spotted another Matthew Battles writing for a journal called The Hermenaut, where he seems to be a contributing editor. Good show! He takes some shots at meditating investment bankers in a quick feedback item, which also hints he might be based out of Harvard (check that mailto link). He has also written some commentary on a children's TV show called Shining Time Station. I have to admit I haven't quite brought myself to be able to read the whole thing, but I fully intend to at some point. For a full list of articles by the other Matthew Battles, click here.

My doppelganger also seems to have written for the London Review of Books. Check out some feedback on his recent article.

If you are the other Matthew Battles, then drop me a line some time. If you play your cards right, we might even work out some hosting space and an e-mail address at...

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