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Top Ten Things We Ate...
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Top Ten Things We Ate That Mom Would Hate

1. Sea urchin (raw)

2. Sea cucumber (raw and very hard, like wet plywood)

3. Fish slime (Iím just assuming it was raw)

4. Dead tiny baby fish over rice (with big eyes)

5. Whole little beach crabs (fried; legs, shell, and all; with little buggy eyes looking back at you; legs posed in a frozen scurry with claws in the air)

6. Octopus (yum, yum... suckers!)

7. Live twitching shrimp

8. Big chunks of fat (they called it "rard"; it was in the sukiyaki, in the okonomiyaki, in the ramen...)

9. That big turd-like thingy on top of the Asahi beer hall (Chris-zilla!)

10. Horse sashimi (not! -- but we would have; and yes, it's very popular in Japan)

Things That Almost Made The Top Ten List

1. Chicken sashimi (yes it was raw, and no we didnít eat it)

2. Chicken meatballs (with crunchy chunks of cartilage!)

3. Fried shrimp tails (I still have shell-shards lodged in my esophagus)

4. McDonalds

5. Live splishing baby eels, also with big eyes (Adam Block actually ate those)

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